About Us

We believe an eternal truth “Nation Wealth depends Upon Nation Health” YieldY Is the Next Step in the evolution of Healthcare IT a cloud-based EHR which was designed to meet the challenges and opportunities of a value-based Medicare. Our mission is to help build a nation where each patient can access their health Information and contribute in their care, and every healthcare organization can serve their communal quicker and more safely through cutting-edge technology with Instant access to records, knowledge, and data.

  • Whom we help

    We effort absolutely on facilitating ambulatory care providers of all sizes, and the communities they serve.

  • Who we are

    We are a leading Electronic Health Records solution provider on an inexorable quest to improve the lives of those who practice medication and their patients.

  • One Company for all the Healthcare IT Needs

    YieldY the Tradition of In-House Enterprise and support – One Organization in Providing Joined patient Records from all care settings, with fully analytical data for Unique depth and clarity. We deliver the gratification and value that will help to ensure prime allocation of healthcare resources, Keeping Benefactors focused on Patient Care.

Product & Services

You will get flabbergasted about how our simple functions will make the process much easier and super convenient for you and your attendees. Cloud: The YieldY Cloud is Secure, Private, and Ascendable. Steadfast Servers always work to maintain your Private data remains Private. Our cloud-based solution turned on all the time, in which we use different advantageously located data centers for fast data recall, and includes the peace of mind that comes with built-in disaster recovery.


Our Registration covers all General Registration/Registrar functions, including new patient Registrations and updating information concerning existing patients. Integrated Registration allows users to look up existing patients or create new patients, search appointments, manage new scheduling requests, and manage to reschedule requests. It includes comprehensive management and visibility of all patients, including their statuses: Admitted, Discharged, and Transferred (By Secure authentication from the Patient)

Out-Patient / In-Patient Departments

Better care begins with complete visibility of a patient’s medical record, whether they were admitted from the Emergency Department, General Registration Check-In or another facility. Users can view all Progress Notes and nursing assessments accompanying the episode of care. Managing a discharge checklist across multiple disciplines

Bed Management

Build all of the units (rooms/beds) across the Inpatient Department, such as Medical-Surgical, Critical Care, and Specialty units, and manage a bed and patient attributes within each room/bed.

Emergency Department

Manage a list of patients in a Census List (Tracking Board) or a collaborative Floor Plan view. A patient dashboard summarizes the complete episode of care. Quickly and efficiently, chart the Emergency episode of care via macros, templates, and dictation

Laboratory and Radiology Information System

The Laboratory & Radiology Information System allows you to manage inpatient and outpatient Orders, including general labs, and microbiology. Users can manage the orders in a worklist, or schedule them with radiology-based scheduling rules. The phlebotomist can manage their worklist across various departments. The Laboratory & Radiology Information System also integrates with industry-leading devices

Hospital Management Analytics

Hospital Management analytics dashboards by the department, Patients visited or received care, complete staff or Labor Management or overall hospital performance, with collaborating features. Display Key Performance Indicators (clinical, financial, time-based, etc.), as well as daily, monthly, annual, and custom reporting requirements for all departments and service lines.


Build your formulary, order medications (various formulation types). The pharmacy department has its work list to review medication requests across all hospital departments. Stock Management. Out-Patient or Inpatient after Discharge has to provide secure Authentication. The pharmacy solution improves workflows and integrates with industry-leading devices and vendors.


All Doctors, Surgeons, and Nurses can see each other’s documentation throughout the case. Records are visible to all authorized care providers.

Patient Portal

  • One Unified and Unique Patient ID
  • Connect To your Doctor and Improve Your Health

The YieldY Frantic to create one unified medical record for patients in Patient Portal coalescing detail inpatient and outpatient Departments and Complete Details of Every authorize Person Prescribed or Patient Relation Management (PRM) Details.

Get the Latest Update of your Health Records from Your Doctor- From Imaging Center Results to Prescriptions Featuring a Patient Dashboard showing Patients Health Status and Complete Medical History, Clinical Details, Practice Management, Scheduling, Check-In, and any Encounters through Follow up care, Referrals and Medical Prescribing. Enjoy secure access to the data you need, anytime, anywhere, on any device